Belarus: Day 3 part 1

Background: woohoo Day 1: knock yerself out Day 2 part 1: clicky Day 2 part 2: ah gwan Day three was amazing…well the morning was amazing then it got a bit boring. I’m sat here writing about it listening to Gogol Bordello, Ukrainian gypsy punk…my Dad used to love them. I’ve been absent from blogging […]

Belarus: Day 2 part 2

Read Day 1 here Read Day 2 part 1 here And so on my last post I left you at a filling lunch of potatoes and shashlik chicken. NOM. Valerij and Vitaly didn’t join us for lunch as they were to drive ahead to Slonim (where they lived) and we were to follow them a […]

Belarus: Day 2, part 1

Read Day 1 here We planned to wake at 8am for breakfast as we weren’t being picked up by the TV crew unti 9.30am. Seemed sensible enough, but a sharp knock at the door at 7.45am put a stop to that. It was Galia summoning us for breakfast. She was fully dressed, fully made-up, and […]