A Preloving Weekend Up t’North

This weekend we drove from London to Wakefield for the night to see Mum and my brother, Stu. Stu is also a keen fundraiser – you can read about his mental Pyrenean cycling challenge here.

He was cycling on a turbo trainer in Wakefield’s Trinity Walk shopping centre from 9am to raise money towards his Macmillan cycling challenge, and managed 100 miles with only a few minute-long toilet stop – well done bro!

Look at this for some serious calorie burning:

It’s high time I got back on my cycling wagon and signed up for a similar challenge – I seem to focus on progress when I have a goal. Any ideas, and anyone want to do something with me?

On Saturday I wore:

Hope you had lovely weekends! P.S. Stu raised almost £300 and reached speeds of about 50mph!

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